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 60/40 Commission Split

Up to $37,000+ Office Share (Cap) Then, 100%

Franchise Fee of 6% per Sales Transaction ($18,000 commission, $1,080- average Franchise Fee)

$150 Administrative/Transaction Fee on closed sales

Office/Desk Fee $30.00 to $350.00+ per month (est.)

Technology/Website Fee $50 to $150 per month(est.)

Shared Advertising Fee $25 to $100 per month (est.)

Plus, Fees for Copies and Phones


90/10 Commission Split

$80,000 gross commission=$8,000 Office Share (Cap) Then, 100%

$35 Licensing Fee per Transaction


Office Fee $40.00 per month




"I moved to Better Properties because where I was included charges for items that did not directly benefit me or my business.  As an independent businessperson, I did not like paying others salaries at a headquarters.  Also, I was already working from my home and did not need the big office.  I have benefitted by keeping more commission money, for all my efforts and I am very pleased with the $40 monthly fee, for use of the office.

Also, I like that Better Properties is always there and are very approachable.  You have the correct responses and/or will get the correct response.  You follow up on issues and successes.  Trusting your Brokerage is big these days.  I am very happy and feel more confident and have more money in my pocket, which today is a big consideration."

- DeeDee Arena

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