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Personal Information: As a native of the Puget Sound area, I love the beauty of the Great Northwest and am quite familiar with its broad range of cities and neighborhoods. I grew up in the housing industry, actually general contracting four of our personal homes and remodeled several others. My interest in building led me into becoming a real estate agent, while taking some time off to raise four beautiful children with my husband of 34 years. I know the importance of perseverance and hard work and that our families and our homes are our most important assets. With my commitment to excellent service and dedication, you can count on me to take care of all your real estate needs.

Please contact me at 253-495-2181 or patsyrush@live.com

Position: Broker
Cell: (253) 495-2181
Fax: (253) 514-6327
Email: patsyrush@live.com
Link: www.patsybetterproperties.com